Building Drainage

ACO ShowerDrain Channels

The use of ACO ShowerDrain shower channels in barrier-free showers offers some clear advantages. The shower channel is equal to any technical or aesthetic challenges which exist for high-quality floor-level shower solutions. The gradient to the gully body only needs to be created in one direction and a shaped flange can be used to create the necessary connection to the sealing. A polished surface makes the product easy to care for, improves the drainage flow and reduces limescale deposits.

Some areas of application have special architectural specifications and therefore require customised solutions. Thanks to length dimensions of up to 2400 mm, measured precisely down to the millimetre, the shower channel can be adapted in line with the application in question.

Special solutions for multiple shower installations and special shower applications (such as those used in spa facilities) offer a higher drain performance on account of their additional gully bodies. The positions of the gully bodies can be defined to suit the individual application.

ACO ShowerDrain solutions inspire a creative bath planning. Above all, there should be a suitable solution for every design wish and every building situation. Therefore, various types of shower channels exist.

Thanks to the system ACO ShowerDrain, ACO can solve virtually all construction challenges. Everything can be realized: From the fire protection solution across different structure heights including the shower channel with straight neck or channels with various grating designs made of stainless steel or glass. For large projects like hotels, shower drain solution from ACO Building drainage are available as well as budget options for the private household. In larger bathrooms or in the commercial sector gullies and channels can be combined.

ACO has a design family - this means covers for shower channels and bath gullies are designed to ensure a homogeneous image. Also in the field of energy recovery, there are solutions. The ACO ShowerDrain X, a heat exchanging shower channel, makes it really easy to save energy in the shower. The channel uses the warm waste water from the shower to heat the cold fresh water.

ACO ShowerDrain channels can make a graphic statement wherever you want it to: on the wall, running parallel to the shower partition, or in the room itself. Thanks to the variety of design options available for stainless steel, tile or glass grating surfaces, you can let your imagination run wild.

From the versatile shower channels ACO ShowerDrain E about the functional ShowerDrain C to the elegant slot channel ACO ShowerDrain S:
The ACO ShowerDrain product range offers design solutions for every customer, for every installation requirements and for a safe, assembly-friendly installation.