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Grease Management

Grease separators

Commercial kitchens generating waste water must have pre-treatment plants to ensure that solids and liquids that release harmful or unpleasant vapours or interfere with operations are not discharged into the public sewerage network. Otherwise very greasy wastewater puts the pipe systems and drainage equipment at risk. Grease and oils are deposited with other wastewater components on the walls of the pipes and can lead to corrosion, blockages and noisome smells.

Hygiene standards in commercial kitchens are getting more stringent all the time. ACO has taken on this challenge and come up with grease management solutions specifically tailored to these needs.

  • Plants available in stainless steel
  • Effective inner cleaning to remove all residue in the separator
  • Homogenising and cleaning in a single step
  • Hydro-mechanic high-pressure inner cleaning (175 bar, 360°)
  • Neutralisation of odours
  • Cover can remain closed during inner cleaning

Safety is writ particularly large in commercial kitchens, as work needs to be performed quickly and safely. Another essential safety aspect is fire protection and fore example ACO Grease separators made of stainless steel meet all requirements in this regard.

  • Plan with certainty, thanks to a huge choice of materials
  • Solutions for all types of construction
  • No additional fire load introduced to the building thanks to the use of stainless steel (building material class A1)

Cost pressure during the planning phase and efficiency improvements during day-to-day operation only seemingly contradict each other.

  • Disposal to meet your requirements by measuring the grease layer
  • Fast troubleshooting, thanks to GSM module
  • One module for all ACO products
  • Avoidance of the heavy polluter surcharge
  • Comprehensive range of step increases in nominal sizes for dimensioning
  • Efficient energy recovery through heat exchangers