Building Drainage

Beverage Industry

In beverage operations the amount of used water is much higher than the production volume. The water accompanies the whole production and most of it becomes waste.

Drainage system design, as well as the design of drainage features, significantly influences hygienic performance, operational efficiency and cost in beverage production. A correctly designed drainage system also helps to create a safe working environment by preventing accidents in the workplace.

To assure safe and hygienic operations, the following DRAINAGE PREREQUISITES should be in place.

Technologies like cooling towers, CIP or steam generation are extremely demanding with regard to waste water treatment. Inappropriate drainage with low retention capacity and flow rates can easily lead to flooding, endangering health and safety in the workplace, and raises the risk of cross contamination.

For such high demanding situations, drainage with sufficient water retention capabilities and flow rates must be used.

The ACO solution:

ACO gully - high capacity

ACO gully range is available in a number of versions featuring different flow rates, grating designs, sizes and spigot outlet diameters to suit various applications.

The ACO high capacity gully shows the way of the future for ACO Industrial drainage. With increasingly demanding flow rates, large gully bodies are needed to deal with such large quantities of water, like for example in the CIP systems. Water discharge of such systems can easily exceed flow rates of 20 litres per second.

ACO hygienic box channel - extra deep

The new extra deep hygienic channel design provides extended flow rates and higher retention capacities than existing channel solutions, making it perfect for use in breweries, soft drinks manufacturing facilities and any application which has to process high volumes of water.

ACO‘s extra-deep channel is available as a bespoke engineered solution in depths of up to 360 mm.

ACO tundish

ACO tundish is used to streamline discharged water directly into a gully.

The ability to completely clean drainage systems in a way that is practical, efficient and affordable is a key issue affecting maintenance costs and hygienic standards in a beverage production environment.

Industrial drainage must be designed with cleanability and safe handling in mind.

The research findings of the Fraunhofer Institute IVV Dresden clearly show that the use of ACO’s hygienically designed drainage dramatically improves cleanability.

For more information visit Fraunhofer cleanability research.

The ACO solution:

Hygienic design

ACO hygienic drainage portfolio is designed under HygieneFirst philosophy, which incorporates hygienic design principles and allows for effective cleaning.

We apply relevant hygienic design principles that are reserved for  food contact surfaces by European standards and EHEDG documents to the design of our drainage products.

Detailed information about Hygienic design is available at:

ACO frameless ladder grating

The ACO frameless ladder grating is an exceptional solution, which combines open sides design together with high slip resistance. This eliminates accumulation of debris between channel and grating frame and increases employee safety. The electropolished surface finish also improves maintenance and cleanability.

This grating features a new design of the top surface, which provides slip resistance classification R12 (DIN 51130). The higher slip resistance is ideal for use in zones with greater risk of slips, such as milk processing, butter production, cold rooms and productions with excess of oil.

ACO glass collector

The ACO glass collector helps to deal with excess waste, which would eventually end up inside the drainage. Not only glass, but also labels that get separated from the bottles during manufacturing process will be stopped by the glass catcher before they can enter the drain.

The design of the glass collector construction follows hygienic design principles, which means that it’s faster and easier to clean and maintain.

ACO kerb

ACO kerb provides reliable wall protection that prevents walls from impacts, water or chemical ingress, or other damages associated with traffic and production process. It is suitable for any food processing area.

High dynamic and thermal loading can cause floor cracks, especially at the point where the drainage connects to the floor.

The floor-drainage connection must be specified with respect to the application.

ACO and flooring specialist Sika commissioned a three year study and research program to provide factory and processing operators with clear evidence-based guidance with regard to flooring-drainage connections.

For more information about Reliable floor-drainage connection visit Research section.

The ACO solution:

ACO & Sika research - L-profile edge

For areas where the drainage has to be resistant to both thermal and dynamic shocks, ACO has tested various floor-drainage connection solutions and these showed promising results. The results of the research are being incorporated into our product design and manufacturing process.

Testing conditions 

Dynamic shocks
over 100 000 cycles

Thermal shocks
20° - 90°C

Load class
L 15 - N 250

ACO drainage can be specified as a custom solution with L-profileedge resistant to both termal and dymanic shock.

Typical applications:

  • Beverage production
  • Packaging plant
  • Bottle washing plant





ACO gratings

ACO industrial gratings are designed to sustain a range of load classes whilst retaining slip resistance (refer to class R9-R13 as specified in DIN 51130) to ensure safe working conditions.