Building Drainage


More and more builders and architects are opting for a generous, open-plan bathroom design. The inspiration for this trend can be found in the decoration of traditional oriental baths, as well as in modern luxury spas. The features of this new bathroom design style are clear lines high-quality materials and floor-level showers. Flush to the floor shower channels or shower gullies are comfortable, safe and therefore particularly suitable for people with physical handicaps. Floor level bathroom drainage also offers new aesthetics options in the area of bathroom design. ACO uses high-alloy stainless steel with excellent material grade. To make cleaning easier, and to prevent dirt adhering in the first place, the surfaces of all ACO products are produced without any seams or cracks.

Walk-in for shower areas

ACO ShowerDrain Channels

  • ACO ShowerDrain E
  • ACO ShowerDrain C
  • ACO ShowerDrain S
  • ACO ShowerDrain B
  • ACO ShowerDrain F
  • ACO ShowerDrain X

ACO ShowerDrain Bath gullies

  • ACO Easyflow
  • ACO EG 150
  • ACO FG gullies

ACO Walk-in for shower areas

  • ACO Walk-in

ACO ShowerFloor

  • ACO ShowerFloor